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David Robinson Carruthers, born February 10 1953, died December 11 2008

DAVID CARRUTHERS died Peacefully, at home, on Thursday, 11th December, 2008, Dave lost his 18 month battle with cancer and his death at 55 is hard to bear. Dave restarted the Glasgow Anarchist group in late 1974, opening up a squat at 21 Bute Gardens, the Anarchist group used this main squat as the organisational base, installing a duplicator and silk screen press donated by nearby resident art lecturer. Dave opened up other squats in Great George St and Lilybank Gardens, but didn't move into the main anarchist squat at 17 Bute Gardens. The group was involved in community campaigns such as Fare Fares, and also hosted several public meetings around 1976-7 with Albert Meltzer, Miguel Garcia, John Olday etc. Dave wanted John - a man who tried to assassinate Hitler to move to Glasgow although it didn’t happen. He was a inspired public speaker, operated a hand duplicator as if he was Popeye, yet always appeared to cut a frail figure with a severe visual impairment.

Anarchist Communism and Free Schools

He went on to develop a passion for anarchist communism, hosting a conference of the Anarchist Communist Association, in late 70s. Dave became the national secretary of the ACA after a more platformist tendency left to join forces (the LCG) with a trot group and the lotta Continua influenced Big Flame. Dave moved on to free schools and helped keep Barrowfield open for a while. He became a teacher and eventually was the teacher for sick children at Yorkhill hospital: he was great with kids and at least one anarchist in the 1990s had Dave as a primary school teacher. He devoted a lot of time to his family and his adopted son from 1990. Dave was a warm, caring person, with an infectious sense of humour. He loved to travel, with his partner, Cathy, keeping in touch with friends in France & Italy. He loved music: folk, classical and live performances. At the packed ceremony at Linn Crematorium many Glasgow anarchists were present.

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