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Angus Mackay was a committed activist in Glasgow over the turn of the 1900’s. He was Secretary of Glasgow Anarchist group over that period. He helped organise the Glasgow news for FREEDOM as well as the dates for travelling speakers such as George Barrett. He addressed large crowds including weekly meetings around Glasgow at Buchanan Street building momentum for May Day and selling papers or in Govan Meetings. He spoke on themes like ‘the Progress of Anarchism’ as part of weekly programmed educationals. On Labour Day 1913, despite thunder and lightning, 135 Labour and Socialist organisations were represented at the rally of 10,000 people. Angus shared the Anarchist platform with Leckie, Porter and Howie speaking to around 1000 people. He helped organise the branch at 7 Holland Street, the Clarion Scouts base. Angus Mackay junior, was also an activist. His obituary in Jan-Feb, 2014? FREEDOM: “Our friend and comrade Angus Mackay died on November28th, of angina pectoris. It has been a blow to those who knew him in Glasgow. For 20 years he advocated the principles of Anarchism. He was one of those who make possible the attainment of our ideal. On the platform in the workshop, whenever opportunity offered, he endeavoured to spread the truth. Those ideas of which he was the embodiment still live and kindle the lives of men because of such as he. Indeed he fought the good fight. We tender our sympathy to his wife and children in their loss. Our comrade has left a large family. Comrades in Glasgow invite financial help for them, which should be sent to me at 74 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, W Ponder”