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          <rev user="Annarky" timestamp="2019-03-24T10:29:18Z" comment="/* (Mal)Contents */" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">== Welcome to radical Glasgow's Strugglepedia ==

Glasgow's working class history is a history of struggle and sacrifice not found in the school curriculum. The establishment would rather we forget our own past and deny the suffering and sacrifice of those who created that history. This site is dedicated to remembering and recording their selfless struggle for a better life for all. Add your stories to this site and record Glasgow's radical history here so that we and future generations can learn from and carry forward that radical tradition. If you prefer send your stories to[ Spirit of Revolt] to be posted on this site. It's their future or it's our future and the future will never be ours if we don't remember our past. Radical Glasgow's Strugglepedia also works in conjucntion with the Spirit of Revolt archive, housed at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Return to Radical Glasgow.

== ''(Mal)''Contents ==

=== People ===

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[[Thomas Muir]]

[[Tom Anderson]]

[[Mary Barbour]]

[[Helen Crawfurd]]

[[John MacLean]]

[[Tom Bell]]

[[Jane Hamilton Patrick]]

[[Guy Aldred]]

[[John McAra]]

[[George (Ballard) Barrett]]

[[Angus MacKay]]

[[Frank Leech]]

[[Helen Brown Scott Lennox]]

[[Charlie and Molly Baird]]

[[William C. McDougal]]

[[Ethel MacDonald]]

[[Allan Burnett]]

[[Robert (Bobby) Lynn]]

[[John Taylor Caldwell]]

[[Rita Milton]]

[[David Carruthers]]

[[John Farquhar McLay]]

[[Ian Heavens]]

[[Les Foster]]


=== Events ===

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[[Glasgow the name]]

[[Glasgow, City of Rebellion]]

[[The Weavers' Strike]]

[[The Cotton Spinners' Strike]]

[[1820 Insurrection]]

[[The Sma' Shot Strike, 1856]]

[[The Birth of Glasgow's Anarchism]]

[[The Scottish Labour Party]]

[[Scottish Anarchism]]

[[The World's First Ca'canny Strike]]

[[The Singer Strike]]

[[Women's Peace Crusade]]

[[The Rent Strike]]

[[The Clyde Workers' Committee]]

[[First World War Peace Movement]]

[[The Rent Strike to Bloody Friday]]

[[Fight for Freedom of Speech on the Green]]

[[The General strike]]

[[Clydeside Apprentices' Strike 1937]]

[[World War 2, Conscientious Objectors]]

[[Clydeside Apprentices Strike 1952]]

[[George Williamson on Glasgow 1960's Anarchist scene]]

[[A Public Nuisance|Glasgow Anarchists 1974 to 1986]]

[[The Glasgow Summer School 1993]]

[[We Don't Need A Carpark]]

[[Counter Information]]

[[A Fight With The Housing Department]]

[[Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-in]]

[[The Free Hetherington]]